What We Do

What We Do

Global Intelligence Management helps you work out an investment portfolio and retain the same till you retire. They are market experts with a wide range of investment options, some of which are here for your perusal.

GI management specialises in premium investments, where the agency attempts to service its customers with an all-round proposition – helping customers with strategy, advice, investments, mortgages as well as accounting. Building a property portfolio is not always easy, even if one has the funds to invest. Getting trusted advice, as well as professional services, is hard. Most investment houses do not have the kinds of options that GIM does, with close to three thousand properties to invest on, across Australia.

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Our agents are top producers, providing every clients with the highest level of service to achieve their goals.


We represent residential properties throughout Australia.


With exceptional integrity, negotiating skills and marketing strategies, we promise the best strategy for your property portfolio.

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